Our Services

What can you expect to get from us?

We offer contemporary portraiture that allows people to be more relaxed and comfortable, which results in more natural looking portraits. If you prefer formal, traditional studio portraiture, our style may not be what you are looking for.

Yearbooks have strict requirements for the formal Senior Portraits to be included in the yearbook, so we suggest having your formal studio portraits taken at school for the yearbook.

If you desire contemporary Senior Portraits to showcase your personality, you should enjoy our style.

Why should you hire us to shoot your contemporary Senior Portraits?

* The traditional studio portraits are great for parents and grandparents, but for your friends and Facebook, you want portraits that show who you really are; modern, a little edgy and unique!

* You want to choose where your portraits will be taken (your house, a park, by the water, etc) The location is up to you, you aren't tied down to coming to a stuffy studio. The "studio" is anywhere you want it to be. Not sure where to suggest? You and the photographer can determine a place that is photogenic and close to your home.

* You can include your pet in some of your pictures.

* You can include a boyfriend/girlfriend in some of your pictures.

* You can include props that help to show who you are (sports equipment, items you use for your hobby or activities, you get the idea - the sky is the limit!)

* You can include accessories that complete your "look", like your favorite hat, a favorite jacket or shoes or jewelry, whatever your "look" is, bring accessories to complete it.

* You want a photographer that will put you at ease and appreciate the individual you are.

Creating Senior Portraits that you will love is a joint effort between the photographer and you. Every effort will be made on the photographer's part to get a feel for who you are and it will be a team effort to bring out the best in you for your portraits.